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If you keep a Bluetooth battery on your PC, this guide may help you.

After researching your usage, you will most likely find that experts claim that Bluetooth almost consumes your phone’s energy. To sum it up: transferring information via Bluetooth can take a toll on your phone’s battery, on the other hand, simply turning on Bluetooth for exercise equipment consumes almost no battery.


Does Bluetooth All drain the battery? wireless technology requires skill, but how is a topic full of anecdotes and theories. Despite the advances in Bluetooth technology, experts still argue that disabling Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and various other features during anduse will breathe much more life into your precious phone.

does leaving bluetooth on use battery

The first is a typical daily battery drain scenario to determine if turning off Bluetooth actually saves battery power. To do this, we conducted two series of tests. One test with Bluetooth off and another with Wi-Fi on but inactive – the H stands for “not connected” – nothing to compare my results to. The test itself consists of approximately three cycles. The first offers 80 minutes of web browsing, followed by 90 minutes perhaps, and an additional 90 minutes of browsing. The phones then sleep for 16 months at the second order cycle time to give us a good look at them not consuming anything. The third cycle repeats the first cycle.

The second set, most often associated with testing, more closely mimics a demanding Bluetooth use case and allows you to accurately determine how much Bluetooth battery life will be affected by active use. To do this, play, we followed the video playback for 4 hours in a row, as you could do duringlong flight time. This series consists of a check followed by a test followed by turning off Bluetooth, turning on Bluetooth without connection, and finally audio-video material over Bluetooth using a simple SBC audio codec.

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We set the brightness for each display to 200 nits, testing to be fair. Cellular data, NFC, and everything else was disabled on most phones for testing. Except that you first need to leave Wi-Fi on so that our employees can surf the web.

There was little difference between the tested devices. Huawei P40 Pro and F2 Pro poco showed the largest discrepancy with Bluetooth on and off – a difference of 3%. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Realme Superzoom shown consume slightly less power when using Bluetooth. Most likely, this is a small error, and indeed it shows how little Bluetooth affects battery life.

What catches the eye is that the actual battery consumption at rest is the same as when you sleep for 16 hours. In general, can we make a difference0.2% within error, regardless of whether Bluetooth is enabled or not. Meanwhile, our devices, which were available on average, did show a consistent 1% difference in battery performance in our 4 hours and 30 minutes usage image. Again, it’s so small that it doesn’t really affect battery life.

does leaving bluetooth on use battery

Extrapolating to a standard charge, a full charge, watching a video, and then leaving Bluetooth, but without increasing connectivity, power consumption averaged about 6.6%. At the moment it is quite low, but not extreme. However, such scenarios of continuous video playback are unlikely in the real world.

It is worth noting that there are many different smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus recorded the same end result with Bluetooth on and off. Meanwhile, the Realme Superzoom X3 tends to suffer the most from an additional 4% battery drain over several hours.

That’s a great question, and that’s why we did some extra testing with a precise basic use case like audio playback. In k At the end of the day, that’s what most people use Bluetooth for now.

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Our test is very accurate and takes into account all the possible uses of Bluetooth. However, it does give us some insight into how Bluetooth affects energy life from a holistic perspective. There is a slight difference in battery consumption between smartphone complaints and an idle screen, but let’s just say a few minutes difference between turning on the power and after it.

It is important to note that Bluetooth affects the phone’s battery life when it is in standby mode. So it won’t drain the battery if not used for a long time by accident or left overnight.Most

Users will not notice further battery drain if they forget to turn on Bluetooth somewhere. Disconnecting is always a good idea to avoid connecting to unwanted devices and also if you are particularly concerned about security.

To answer one of my questions about Track Bluetooth, your smartphone’s battery is almost useless. You don’t have to worry.

It’s hard for me to get rid of these old habits. Yes, I always turn off the wifi when I leave the house, and turn off the bluetooth until I listen to music. But is it necessary in the diverse age of “smart” technologies? How much battery am I wasting if I leave Bluetooth on when I shouldn’t be using it? How about playing music via Bluetooth files? Does the battery drain more than when using wired speakers or headphones? To find answers to these questions, we took several phones and ran some tests.

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Exactly Checked

To understand how Bluetooth usage impacts battery life, we took a look at five different smartphones from last year. In this test, we tested the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Huawei P40 Pro, ZTE Axon 11, Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro, Realme Superzoom and x3. We tested each of the two in unique scenarios and verified the results with our own testing software.

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We also took average scores to get a better idea ofusing the Bluetooth battery. All graphs in this guide are based on an average value obtained directly from testing five with the above devices.

So… Does Disabling Bluetooth Help Drain Your Battery?

Does leaving Bluetooth on consume battery?

Bluetooth streaming statistics consume impact, but turning it on only in the background isn’t that big of a deal in terms of power consumption.

In our 26-hour typical day test, Bluetooth consumed only 1.8% more battery than the Bluetooth test. On average, devices used 49.4% of their battery with Bluetooth turned off during this test, compared to 51.2% with Bluetooth turned on. Extrapolating this to a full charge cycle, most Bluetooth uses less than 4% of the extra battery life. So if you miss this, you can definitely add 10-15 minutes, which gives you extra time on a device that would normally offer five hours due to the screen turning on. Peanuts indeed.

Should you leave Bluetooth on all the time?

Can I leave Bluetooth on all the time? No. You must turn off Bluetooth when not in use because hackers can break into your phone and steal our data. Before hackers discovered another way to access phones using people, just Bluetooth, it was normal to write about a wireless connection.

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