How To Fix Elgato Obs No Sound

In recent days, some readers have encountered an error with elgato obs no sound. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s discuss this now.

Why is my capture card not picking up audio in OBS?

I’m posting my answer to the girl who’s having the problem that audio isn’t coming through OBS at all here to make it easier for others to find.Perhaps the reason for this was that I wanted to use the band’s laptop as a monitor for the Nintendo Switch. OBS is most compatible through my video capture card, so I chose to use OBS as a media player rather than a live streamer. I did it myself: in addition to the “Profile” with OBS and “News”, I gave the name to the collection and chose the option of just recording, not broadcasting. However, you can still use it to play audio from OBS, optimizing it to support streaming and get playback through streaming. I won’t be streaming either, it’s just that my computer doesn’t require that much hard work to optimize motion. I also use a very affordable video capture card from Walmart because $20 is amazing. He probably has a lag of 0.1 seconds after the screen, the video quality is 1080p HD, and cheap! This is any HDMI-USB video capture card from the Vivitar Creator series.1) Finally, add a video capture device to the scene and aready to receive, click “Audio” located on the left.• Find the “Advanced” section in the sound settings.• Change the watch device from “default” to whatever device you want audio to come from OBS. (Example: I plugged in my headsets, so “Headset” reappears as an option for the monitoring device.)• Click Apply and then just click OK.4) Move the joystick and see if you can now hear the normal menu settings!

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Why Doesn’t OBS Record Audio On Windows?

The underlying causes of this problem are often hard to pin down and often completely unexpected. However, we managed to put together a short list of them for you to discover! This may make troubleshooting easier and faster.

Make Sure Elgato Capture Game Is Not Muted

There is a mute button in the lower right corner of Elgato Capture Hobby HD. When this button is selected, popular music will not be streamed or copied to your laptop, although you can play audio on your direct TV.This connection.

How Can I Hear Sound? On An Individual Elgato?

If the correct or different analog input is used for the Elgato Chat Link, select Analog Audio. When recording audio via HDMI, select HDMI Audio. The Game Capture HD software can record linear analog audio from a desktop computer when using Game Capture HD60 Pro or Game Capture Pro 4k60 (MK).

How Do You Hear The Sound On PS4 Elgato?

The male must be inserted into the 4-pin connector and the female connector into the male connector. The PS4 controller can be connected to the Elgato Chat Link with just a 5mm jack. connects to the helmet via a connector. 3) We connect the three of us. Elgato Chat Link has a 5mm jack that allows you to connect to my jack via the audio input, or optionally to the Elgato Capture HD60 S game via the audio input.

elgato obs no sound

How about you can record Game Sound in OBS OBS Studio stands for Open Broadcaster Software and hence is a free and open source tool to help you record your stunning screen, record sound and stream new media. It’s available for multiple rounds, which means OBS will record Game sound from your Windows, Mac and Linux computers for audio recording.

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