How To Fix A Simple PHP Installation?

Over the past week, some of our users have encountered a known error when installing easy php. This issue can occur for a number of reasons. We will discuss this below.

Devserver installs a complete, ready-to-use development environment. Devserver is portable, extensible, fully customizable and easily modifiable extensible and (see component modules) and. for Windows 7/8/10.

Getting Started

1. Download Development Server

How do I run EasyPHP Devserver?

left right click or click the icon on the taskbar, click “Open Dashboard” under “DATABASE SERVER” and click “Start”.If most people don’t want to open the dashboard, click Server > Run.Against restarting the database server or Start by restarting (this all servers route starts the HTTP server form out of fine).

2. Install

  • double click loaded
  • Select the executable directory and follow the instructions to install.
  • 3. After Installation

  • Shortcut to devserver will be created right on the desktop.
  • use this launch shortcut for Devserver (or go to download folder and click run-devserver.exe)
  • when you start devserver on the taskbar appears (next to the icon with the current clock). If you really don’t see the icon, press Show Hidden Icons and move it to beside the clock label. Right/Left
  • click to access menu
  • 4 Different. Start HTTP Server

  • install easy php

    Right/left click on the icon in the precise information area, then open tool panel and under HTTP SERVER just click Start

  • If you don't want to clear the dashboard, click Server > Start/restart HTTP server plus all Start/restart servers (You can also start the database server with this option).
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    5. Start Database Server

  • Right-click or left-click the notification icon in that particular area, select Open Dashboard in the DATABASE SERVER section, click Start
  • If you don't want to open anyone's control panel, click Server > Start or restart the database server and also click Start/restart all servers< /kbd> (the http server is also configured with the item option).
  • 6. Set Up Your Environment And Also Create Your First Page

    • Revert authorization to install Windows

    Moodle requires a supporting web server, PHP, and a database that runs on Windows. This can be done automatically in EasyPHP, using a package that combines all the necessary software systems in the form (Apache web server), PHP and MySQL (database) in one Windows application. However, please note that EasyPHP is not intended to be used on a desktop.oh server. Here are the steps from beginning to end.


    1. First, if you need to install MySQL before (even as part of another package), uninstall everything, remove all MySQL files, and make sure you have c:my.cnf .and .c:windows . my. andel ..ini. Actually you can search and classify anything with a file named my.cnf or maybe my.ini andel.
    2. If you have already installed php, delete everything with files named php4ts.dll from Windows directory and also all files named php.ini.

    Get EasyPHP

    1. Upload to easyphp from here easyphp: DevServer 13.1

    EasyPHP 1. Install Form 7 - Note: Deprecated. See Section Below.

    1. Run the downloaded easyphp1-7_setup:.exe file. The installation process is entirely French but is similar to integrating any other Windows program - my advice is to accept the defaults and install everything. Note. means This is "Next" and "Yes".
    2. At the end of the installer, select the Run EasyPHP checkbox (Run EasyPHP) and click Finish. It can be assumed that this information contains a web page that we can safely ignore. b. All
    3. If I told the truth, congratulations! Apache, MySQL and php installed working! and you should see a black E on the toolbar. You can click on it to get a meaningful menu where you can save running programs, but this is not currently necessary.
    4. Some situations may be French, but you may prefer English. You can download file http://www 7 which contains English version and www home file in EasyPHP1-7 folder. Copied work-in-progress files can be located on these. Contains
     English versions where Www and home folder are linked to the EasyPHP1-7 folder. You can duplicate them in standard files.

    Install EasyPHP 1.13

    1. Run the downloaded EasyPHP-DevServer-13:.1VC9-setup.exe (or latest version). You will probably be prompted to select your current language. I choose all these other disadvantages. Note for vc9: Windows is really Windows XP up to 8. Is vc11 Windows 7 for and 8.
    2. Uncheck "Run in easyphp" at the end of the installation.
    3. If you receive a message Reporting an error when starting EasyPHP, this may be due to the fact that inetinfo.exe.manager is running Open the Windows task by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. Find inetinfo.exe in the task list, select it and click End Process. Right click the easyphp icon, restart ours and process all
    4. If everything went well, congratulations! - Apache and php MySQL added and working! You should see a solid black E on the taskbar. Right-click it to open a menu that anyone can use to manage running programs.
    5. Configure PHP so that you can increase the maximum execution time from a few good seconds to more, otherwise the installation of Beyond will not be able to limit this time to 30 seconds.

    Create Database

    1. The next thing you need to do is set up a database that Moodle can use. Right click on the black letter E in the toolbar and Alexa select Administrator, then just click on DBA (next to PHPMyAdmin). Alternatively, you can go to http://localhost/mysql/ in (browserPay attention to the slash at the end).
    2. If prompted for a login, use "root" with password one. If you see the correct phpMyAdmin web interface, you can go back to creating new operator accounts and database data.
    3. Create a new database by typing "moodle" into the field and simply clicking the "Create" button. Do not ignore the utf-8 collation specification for the database being created. It was easy!
    4. You can also create a new database user if you like. This can be very tricky for a beginner so you can just use the existing "root" user without a password in your mood config and fix it later.

    Install Moodle!

    1. You are ready, you can install Moodle Store! Download the latest version of Moodle from and unzip the current archive.

    Install Moodle

    1. Copy your video mood to the directory where you installed EasyPHP C:Program FilesEasyPHPwww C:Program or FilesEasyPHP-DevServer-13. Due to the latest version of EasyPHP from 1vc9datalocalweb . Now you can either copyBrowse the entire Moodle service (for example, C:ProgramsEasyPHPwwwmoodle), or copy the entire contents of the Moodle folder. If you choose this second method, you can access your Moodle home page by trying http://localhost/ instead of http://localhost/moodle/.
    2. install easy php

      Why use EasyPHP?

      Organize your websites, apps and files on anyone's computer and make them available on the web. You can set up your servers as you see fit and then keep your websites, your share apps or demos permanently or for a short period of time (useful for blogging with friends, developers or clients).

      How to remove EasyPHP?

      Just remove the EasyPHP 16.1 program directory from *C:Program Files (x86)EasyPHP-Devserver-16.1* and remove it from the desktop shortcode. That's it. Don't forget to write down the databases you may have created beforehand, or be able to move them around!

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